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Available on iPhone, iPad and Android.


How it works

The TrackR app will help you keep a hold of your items. Put it on your items to track them anywhere. It’s coin sized frame is virtually undetectable and discreet. Push the TrackR button to send alerts and find your phone or any other lost or misplaced items.

Stressed that you’ve lost something? Don’t be. Use the TrackR button to alert your phone, even when the phone is on mute. In addition, watch your stress levels decrease drastically.

Discover TrackR’s Crowd Locate network which uses a mapping system that will locate your lost or misplaced items no matter where they are. While using this network you will find everything you lose.

What is TrackR?

Tracking misplaced or lost possessions are be a breeze with TrackR Bravo.

Recover your lost items in seconds when you join the TrackR network.

Keep connected with your items by purchasing a TrackR Bravo today.

Trackr Bravo

Distance Indicator

Almost near- the TrackR app will help you get closer and closer to
any of those nuissance items you just can’t keep near you. Furthermore, it will help you save time searching.

Item Ringer

Finding a needle in an haystack is hard, but just press the item ringer and problem solved. Finally, you’ll be connected with your lost or misplaced item instantly.

Phone Finder

Consequently searching for your phone can become a frequent issue. Have the TrackR ring your phone with just one button press. Also, the TrackR can also find muted phones. Lastly, use your phone for hours.

Family Sharing

Recover multiple items with TrackR’s family sharing network. Very useful for multiple items that need to be tracked. Most of all, find shared items quickly and when needed.

Crowd Locate network

Due to the ability to lose items. Become one with your items again.  Crowd locate network brings you closer to those not so close items you’ve lost.

Separation Alerts

Ring your items! Click the TrackR button to alert your items to find them and voila, your reconnected with them. As a result, instant happiness now that you have them.

Wallet-thin Design

Almost as thin as a credit card, the coin sized TrackR fits in your wallet and will find the wallet if it’s lost or misplaced. Therefore, you get to keep your money and the contents of your wallet.

Amazon Alexa Integration

Instantly connect with devices by integrating Amazon Alexa with TrackR. Especially relevant, you can use voice commands with Amazon Alexa to alert TrackR to find devices quickly. Furthermore, Amazon Alexa is highly reliable.

It’s easy to track your things.

Most noteworthy, the TrackR is simple to use and available for both iOS and Android devices. Many items are important so make sure you can track your lost items by ordering TrackR Bravo today and downloading the TrackR app.

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Track It Down. From anywhere.

Locate items anywhere.  The reliable TrackR app will record and map any lost items. Other Tracker app users within Bluetooth range can notify you about the location of your lost item by updating you immediately.

See Crowd Locate in Action


Diameter: 31 mm (1.22 in)

Thickness: 3.5 mm (0.14 in)

Battery life: 1 year

Battery type: User-replaceable CR1620

Battery Replacement Program: Easily order replacements online or through the TrackR app.

Device ringer volume: Up to 82dB

Connectivity: BLE 4.0

Range: Bluetooth range, up to 100 feet. Obstacles such as walls or furniture may affect range.

Supported OS: iOS 8.0+ and Android 4.4+